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    Jordan Anna Torey

    "Fear can turn to love. You'll learn to see to find the man behind the monster. This repulsive carcass who seems a beast, but secretly dreams of beauty, secretly"
    Phantom of the Opera

    I just feel really shitty. I’m just so angry and I just don’t understand it. I hate my brother. I do. I hate him so much I any breathe. So why the fuck do I feel guilty for ignoring him?! Why the fuck can I not go on and live my life without the burden of constantly living in fear of Whitten. And honestly I’m terrified of him. Terrified of what he’s capable of. I wish he’d never been born, or rather I wish I hadn’t. Then maybe I wouldn’t be such a fucked up mess of an individual because that sucks. It sucks to be in the happiest of situations and feel the need to cry or do something to stop the numbness. Fuck everything. But most of all, fuck you. Because you suck.

    I really want a makeup vanity. My bathroom is bigger, but it is so overcrowded. And I honestly hate having a makeup bag. I want it to be organized out in the open so I don’t have to dig for it.

  • Anything Goes: What's the best compliment you've ever received?
  • Beauty and the Beast: If you had to be an inanimate object, what would you be?
  • Cabaret: Have you ever sang at a karaoke bar? If so, what songs?
  • Dreamgirls: Would you rather be in a band or be a solo artist?
  • Evita: Do you think you could lead a country?
  • Fiddler On the Roof: Do you have any unique traditions?
  • Guys and Dolls: Have you ever gambled before?
  • Hairspray: Have you ever been discriminated before? If so, for what?
  • Into the Woods: What is your favorite fairytale?
  • Jesus Christ Superstar: What are your thoughts on religion?
  • The King and I: How was your most recent travel experience?
  • Les Miserables: What is one dream you have but you know won't come true?
  • Mama Mia!: How do you feel about your parents?
  • Next to Normal: Have you been diagnosed with any mental disorders?
  • Once On This Island: What's something important you'd be willing to trade in order to stay with someone you love?
  • Peter Pan: Do you believe in fairies?
  • Quilters: What's an old-fashioned "rule" that you live by?
  • Rent: How would you react if you were told you only have a few months to live?
  • Sweeney Todd: Do you forgive and forget easily?
  • Throughly Modern Millie: Have you ever moved to another state or country? If so, how did it feel to be new?
  • Urinetown: What's the most disgusting drink you've ever consumed?
  • Victor/Victoria: If you were the opposite sex, what would your name be?
  • Wicked: Do you believe that no good deed goes unpunished?
  • Xanadu: Do you enjoy visual art? Are you good at it?
  • You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown: How do you define happiness?
  • Ziegfeld Follies: If you could go back in time and live in a different decade/era, which one would it be?